Online Classes

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Live Classes

Come and join in our online classes! We run weekly art classes online during term time during after school hours. You can view and download our online activity timetable and book online by clicking the buttons at the top of this page.

Each class is run via Zoom by one of our experienced DBS checked teachers. All classes are limited to 8 children to enable us to give each child enough support and attention.

Each class lasts an hour and cost £7.50.

Art Classes

In our weekly term time cartooning classes we focus on Manga style cartooning. During the school holidays we also run online classes between 10.30AM and 3PM when we work in pencil, felt tips and colouring pencils and learning to draw pecific subjects – for example : amazing animals, creatures from the deep, mythical creatures and lots more. Our classes are currently separated into age groups 4-8 yrs, 9-11 yrs and 12-14 yrs.

Online cooking classes

During the school holidays our cooking classes run between 2pm and 6pm. We make hearty, delicious food that the children can share with family and friends once it has been cooked. The activities are focused on working together to prepare, weigh and combine the ingredients, following our recipes. The recipes will be emailed to you prior to the lesson. The classes seperated by age and are for 4-6 yr olds, 7-9 yr olds and 10-14 yr olds.

How to join our live online classes:

Log into your account or register with us by clicking here

Once you have booked and paid for your child/ren’s place you will receive an email through confirming your booking and we will then email you and provide you with a link to log into the Zoom class.

What you will need for your online classes:

Art classes – you will just need a drawing pencil, some paper, an eraser, some felt tips or colouring pencils. Download our Online Live Art Class Instructions here.

Cooking Classes – a list of all the ingredients needed for your chosen activity are listed on the booking page when choosing which activities you would like to book. Once you have booked in you will receive a PDF of the recipe with all the equipment listed too. You can view and download one of most popular recipes here: KAA Example recipe online class chocolate and cherry upside down cake.

Art Videos & Materials

Our art videos have been made for all abilities and are a selection of a few of our children’s favourites.
Each activity has been tried and tested by the teachers at the Kids Arts Academy and, more importantly, by the children who have attended our classes. .
Each art video comes with a list of suggested films and books to read in case your child/ren want more information about the subject.
All the activities last between 45 minutes and hour and can be downloaded and saved to watch at your own convenience.

We will be uploading more art videos here very soon so watch this space!

Here is a free sample of one of our videos:

child's drawing of ogre

Free: Learn to Draw an Ogre

Learn to draw an Ogre: This video teaches you how to draw an Ogre. Using a drawing pencil and a black colouring pencil.


Learn to Draw a Phoenix - £5

Learn to draw a Phoenix: This video teaches you how to draw a Phoenix, a bird with magical powers, using pencil and water-based paints.

Childrens drawing of phoenix

Learn to Draw a Dragon’s Head - £5

Learn to draw a cartoon style dragons head: This video teaches you how to draw a dragon, using pencil and water based paints.

Childrens drawing of dragons head

Learn to Draw a Unicorn - £5

Learn to draw a Unicorn: This video teaches you how to draw a Unicorn! Using pencil and water-based paints.

Childrens drawing of a unicorn

Art Pack

Our Kids Arts Academy art pack is great value at £14.50 (inc. p+p within the UK) and contains everything your child will need to do our activities.
It contains a water colour set, a size 12 round paintbrush, a set of 12 oil pastels, an A3 art pad, a fine liner, 2 pencils, an eraser and a pencil sharpener.


We really like these!

Kids Arts Academy Special Offer: 20% Off RRP with Free delivery

Little Davinci front-opening wooden art cabinets are perfect for displaying  and storing up to 50  pieces of artwork that your kids will make whilst they are at our activities..

Cooking Videos

Our cooking videos will be coming to this space very soon for you to buy and watch at your own convenience.

Each video lasts half an hour. More details coming soon!