We'll be busy with...Digital music

The purpose of the music sessions is for the children to be creative and enjoy themselves in their musical activities. We aim to teach every pupil some basic music software production skills so they can have fun creating their own music on the laptops provided using the loop technology, or through performing it themselves.

Children will work in pairs on this activity and we will provide a CD so they can take home their creations at the end of the day.

For Children who also want to take part in practical music performing there are some options available at the start of each session.

This will include some group rhythmic creations on percussion instruments and some basic group guitar tutoring with guitars provided.

It is very much encouraged for Children to bring their own instruments in if they so desire, and this can be incorporated into group, pair or solo performances and compositions by the end of the day.

We also provide a recording set up so those pupils can record their live performances to go onto CD.


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