This is our first summer in Sheffield after moving from the USA. My child has been very resistant to attending camp, both during term breaks and over the summer. Not the case with your cooking class! He really loves it, runs into the building in the morning and is happily chatting when we pick him up at night. The cooking ‘science’ that is described by the instructors has also been a big winner.

I like doing the art and getting very messy!


I like the activities best and all day lessons.


Very easy system – fast friendly and efficient. Gives great confidence in the school.

Animation exposes you’re ideas and if you love creating it’s your thing!


Thomas has really enjoyed himself and is rightly proud of his art/clay model & baking. (Yum!). He will be back!

M Lee

I really enjoyed animation club!


I love cooking and animation


Divya loves the Kids Art Academy. She enjoys the cooking very much and loves the art too!.. She is looking forward to coming here.. Thank you..

The kids have really enjoyed the club – THANK YOU!!!!