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Summer holiday club fun

The Kids Arts Academy Holiday club has been having bags of fun this week, with watercolour fauns, lunar landscapes, pizzas and chocolate cakes and animated space odysseys! We’re open Monday to Friday 8.30AM to 5.30PM and still have a few spaces left for some of the weeks, if you would like to book on-line it’s…


Summer 2014 Art Activities 4-11yrs

Summer 2014 Art Activities 4-11yrs Week 1 Mosaic treeLearn to draw a leopard Clay work Wax relief patterns Fabric printing Learn to draw an eagleGrecian pattern picture frame Jungle scene collage How to draw a Space age home Stained glass window effect lion Week 2 Stormy SeascapesPortrait with moving eyes Moonscapes Clay work Word art-…


Summer 2014 Advanced Art Activities

  Summer 2014 Advanced Art Activities Week1  Portraiture- sketching and printing Week2 Puppets- proportion of bodies Week3  Sculpture- papier-mâché creating mini scene Week4  Abstract window pain, using photo pieces, fabric and other craft objects Week5  Landscapes- sketching printing and painting Week6 Sculpture- clay, and deco patch


Spring After school activity timetable here & bookings open

Our activity timteable for our after school art and cooking clubs running in Spring 2019 is now set and the bookings are open! Download the timetable here:KAA Spring 2019 Afterschool Club Timetable In our after school art clubs we will be creating crazy clay creatures over Spring 1 and then learning cartooning techniques throughout Spring…