What will my child need to bring:

All materials and ingredients are provided for the children and included in the price at all of our clubs

If your child is staying with us for the full day at the holiday club they will just need a packed    lunch; if they are coming for a half-day session they are more than welcome to bring a snack. We have drinking water and so it is not necessary to send them with a drink unless you wish to.

How many children are in each group?

The group sizes vary, but the maximum group sizes are:

20 children in the art group

12 children in the older cooking group

10 children in the younger cooking group

12 children in the animation group

Can I book a different activity in the morning to the afternoon?

Yes, you can mix and match the activities that you book in one day, so you could book cooking in the morning and art in the afternoon, for example.

My child would like to be seated with their friend/sibling but they are in a different age group – is that ok?

Yes, we can seat the children so that they are together, we generally encourage the older children to sit with the younger ones if they’re happy to do so.

Can I stay with my child to settle them in?

Some children need a little bit of extra support in settling in to a new environment, and we absolutely understand this. Parents are welcome to stay with their child for a while to settle them in, however the parents must stay with the KAA staff with their child as all adults on site must have passed our KAA safeguarding checks and be DBS checked with a fully enhanced CRB for them to be left alone with the children.

We usually find that by the time we start the activities any children who had worries become focussed on the fun they are about to have and the parents can then leave.

My child has special needs, can they attend?

We are a fully inclusive setting and work with SNIPS ( Special Needs Inclusion Play care Service) who specifically place children with additional needs into settings which are suitable for everyone involved. If your child has special needs we would very much encourage you to speak to Hannah to get more information about this. With all children who attend, the more we know about what they need and what makes them happy, the better.

Are your staff Epi-pen trained?

Yes, we always have at least one member of staff on site who has a full Paediatric First aid certificate and this include Epipen training.


Do you cater for halal/vegetarian diets?

All of our recipes in the cooking groups are meat free to accommodate for all of the children’s diets

Do you cater for wheat free/ special dietary requirements?

We can accommodate for special dietary requirements but we need notice at least 24 hours in advance to allow us to provide the correct substitutes in the recipes. Alternatively you can send your child with your own dietary substitutes.


What kinds of activities do you do?

We do a whole range of activities from teaching the children how to sketch specific animals, painting, blending, clay work, crafts and lots more.

Do they need to bring a painting shirt?

We encourage all the parents to send the children wearing something that is not precious as they will be getting very involved with their painting/ craft work etc. If you are at all worried about your child getting anything on their clothing please do send them with a paint shirt or apron.