Through her experience as a primary school teacher Hannah knows that providing opportunities to explore and enjoy artistic activities during the school day is limited by time constraints. Therefore our after school and holiday clubs are planned to provide high quality creative activities that allow children the opportunity to enjoy developing and learning new artistic and culinary skills.

Cooking classes

In our cooking classes the emphasis is on having fun and being creative with food. For each lesson we follow a recipe that the children put together to create their own dish to take home for their dinner (although we cannot guarantee that they won’t have been sampled by your child at some stage before they make it home!)

At our holiday clubs we complete one sweet and one savoury dish every day, at the after school cooking clubs we alternate between sweet and savoury recipes  each week.

Some examples of the types of things we make are: cakes, buns, biscuits, pies, crumbles, lasagnas, pizzas, breads, calzones, tarts, pastas..and we change the recipes everyday so that children do not repeat the same activities.

All of our recipes are meat free and we can cater for special dietary requirements such as wheat and dairy intolerances.  Ingredients are provided and included in the cost.

At the holiday clubs the cooking groups are divided into two age groups: 4-8yr. olds and 9-14 yr. olds. The older group tends to do more complicated preparation and culinary techniques, weighing, sauce making (1:1 supervision) and different chopping techniques (no sharp knives are used).

The younger cooking group concentrates on different methods of food prep: rolling, mixing, whisking, folding, mashing etc, and exploring flavours when combining the ingredients. We may do some simple chopping techniques but, again, no sharp knives are used.

Please note all our age groupings are flexible so if you have a request to seat your siblings in the same group please simply note this on the ‘Additional Info’ section when booking online.

To check out this upcoming holiday club and half-term menus go to our News page.

Art Classes

In the Kids Arts Academy art classes we like to provide the opportunity for children to work to a larger scale than they probably do at school.  We also like to create pieces of work with a combination of different materials and processes and do so in both 2D and 3D.

Our priority in all our art classes is that the children enjoy doing the activities; but we also want them to learn to develop their artistic skills.

We use a range of materials: oil pastels, chalk pastels, water-colours, charcoal, pencil, clay, mod-roc, glass paints, fabric paints..the list goes on. We are also constantly devising new activities to teach them how to develop their artistic techniques (sketching, blending, portraiture, scale..again the list goes on).

During our holiday club art classes we do 2 activities each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Some children may come throughout the holidays purely for the art classes and so we ensure that every activity we teach is different (imagination is a wonderful thing!)

As with all our activities the children take everything home with them that they make and all the materials are provided.

Regular art class – 4-11 y.o

In our regular art class that runs every day of the school holidays we teach children aged 4-11yrs. We design our activities to be accessible to all the children whatever their artistic ability. The children do not need to have any particular artistic skills to attend, we simply work to develop their skills whatever their level of development. It may be that your child simply loves to paint or draw, or that they want to develop their skills in portraiture or perspective drawings. If there is something in particular that you would like your child to learn or to develop please let us know when booking them in.

Click here to see our Art gallery showing some of the work created in our Regular art group.

Advanced art class 10-14 y.o.

Our Advanced Art Group is still focused on having fun but the activities are more technical. We explore the use of different materials, such as acrylic paints and inks, with more advanced and focused drawing techniques in pencil and ink. We also use clay and printing techniques that can be practised at home using simple and affordable materials. We may also spend the whole day working towards completing one piece of work and combine different techniques within one piece of work.

Children who are studying art at secondary school may be working on a project or technique that they would like to develop, if this is the case please let us know so that we can prepare the appropriate activity and materials in advance of them attending.


Click here to see our Art gallery showing some of the work created in our Advanced Art Group.


Animation classes

At our Animation Clubs we use a range of techniques to create short films.

For each activity the children are given a theme to work to; they then work in pairs or small groups to create a storyline and, if doing stop frame animation, they create a backdrop to film in front of. The backdrop is usually drawn and painted, but the children can use the wide range of art materials that we have for the art classes.

We use stop frame animation, Pixilation, paper and flip animation and plasticene modelling to create the pieces of animation.

At the holiday clubs the animation class activities are divided into two age groups: 4-8yr. olds which usually runs on Mondays and Wednesdays and 9-14 yr. olds which usually runs on Tuesdays and Fridays.

See below for some of the brilliant animations that the children have made at our holiday and after-school animation clubs.

Click here to go to the Gallery to see the animation club in action:

Click here to view the animations created at our holiday clubs!